Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Day 4: Pastel

Ok so to summarise yesterday, I woke up & first did laundry (funny how I felt more motivated to do that once my suitcase had arrived, & therefore didn't actually need those same clothes anymore)

Then I ate (all I have is cheese sandwiches, lol) & one of the people from AIESEC took me to my work place- I had to go there just for a little induction meeting (I'll be teaching Business English to adults). The office place is nice, but a little hard to describe- it's basically a bunch of offices that are named after cities from around the world, like 'Nova (New) York' and 'Madri(d)'- the latter is where I went. The courtyard areas have lovely palm trees & water features- wish I could have taken a photo :( Maybe I should just buy a cheap camera?

I found out a few good things from the meeting, like how the bus route is the same as the one I took on Saturday (to the bus terminal & then the shopping centre). Although my boss doesn't live far from my apartment, & says she can come pick me up in the mornings (guess the lines between work & personal life are a little more blurred out in Brazil, lol). I also found out that my schedule won't be too bad- although I will have to travel to some companies for classes, they are only usually at early morning/ lunch/ after 5pm, meaning I will have time in between to prepare lessons etc (one of the bad things about teaching is usually how much work you have to bring back home with you!) I'll also be conducting online classes via Skype, which should be interesting... we couldn't set it up during the induction meeting, but she said I'm welcome to come back & work on it during the week (which is just as well, since I won't start properly teaching till next week).

All in all, I'm glad that my boss is nice, & that the AIESEC representative taking me around was also lovely- even though she kept telling me her English wasn't very good, I could understand her well & we had a good time.

She drove me to the induction, & sat through all the boring stuff as I asked all my questions about the teaching etc, & then even took me to a pastelaria- I hadn't had the traditional Sorocaba pastel yet, & she was determined to change that =P A pastel is a little hard to explain- it's fried pastry, kinda like a filled puri. You commonly get it filled with meat, but since I wasn't able to take that option, I ordered cheese & fish instead. Don't even get me started on the whole 'meat' issue here- on the first night here, I was offered kosheenya. Now, I said that I don't eat meat, & imagine what the AIESEC guy told me? 'It's not meat, it's chicken'. I don't even... what, lol?! Apparently chicken doesn't count as meat over here, lol? After being understandably confused over this, I later found out that Brazilians mainly refer to meat as red meat. It's not too much of a problem right now since I can also order seafood, but the Brazilians do have a tendency to just bung other meat into everything anyway =P

Anyway, I got home & did some more unpacking. Then we still had problems with our bathroom...
(to be continued, since I think the bathroom situation requires a whole other post full of explanations lol)

Take care,

*I think it's spelt either pastelaria or pasteleria- either way, it's the place where you buy pastels from.
**Pourri is a tradtional South Asian dish, which is like chapatti but fried & really bad for you tastes great!
***Again, no idea if kosheenya is the right spelling- but it's like a pastry commonly filled with chicken

*(PS- If you don't understand any of the acronyms/ terms that I've used anywhere on this blog, please check my glossary page for a definition.)

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