Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I think I might be insane...

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Last year, I completed the CELTA* qualification.

It was what I wanted to do, because I wanted a way to break into the ELT* industry- I could have just done that with some online weekend TEFL* course, but that would not have been as internationally recognised. Not only that, but I was (& still am) a total newbie to the profession- so I thought a face-to-face course would boost my teaching confidence. Oh boy, did it ever- you should have seen how nervous (& naseous) I was just before teaching my first lesson!

Those nerves steeled themselves a little over time (with a lot of practice), but I am still a bit of an introvert at heart. Which is precisely why I have no idea why I am doing this to myself- pushing myself into an industry where I have to stand at the front of a classroom, in front of complete strangers (at first), and explain the English Language to them. The only reason I can think of as to why I'm doing something against my personality type, is that I might be insane.

Ok I lie, I know exactly why I am doing it- as geeky as it sounds, I really do love teaching! ELT especially! Sure I could teach something like Biology, but there's nothing like seeing your students actively using what you've taught them outside of the classroom. (I have nothing against biology- it is still very useful, so please don't kill me with some supervirus if you are a biologist). Aaanyway, I like to help people- & to do that, you need to be good at interacting with them. So taking myself out of my comfort zone (hello, sweating nervously in front of a class of students who are all older than you) is crucial for me & my chosen career path. So I like to help people, & at the same time, learn something from them too. TEFL is the perfect way to do that- I can learn about other people's cultures & languages, whilst sharing my own with them too.

Speaking of languages, the best way to learn them is by going to relevant country- right? So maybe that's why I've been crazy enough to sign myself up for a contract in Brazil. Yup that's right, I'll be going to Brazil to teach Business English to adults- sounds pretty fun, right? I know hardly any Portuguese though- still sounds fun? How about the fact that my flight is this Friday, & I still haven't finished my packing? Yeah, starting to sound a little stressful now haha... so maybe I should go do that now...

...but before I go, I just wanted to add something: this blog will be where I (plan to) document all my adventures out in SP São Paulo. So whilst there will be some ELT*-related stuff on here, I'm hoping to also keep it as a travel diary of sorts. I will do my best to add labels & categories though, so that you can pick & choose what to follow & read.

Right that's it, I better get back to packing. I'll try to update regularly (let's conveniently forget about the fact that I also said that the other 3 times I attempted to start a blog), but feel free to leave a comment in the meanwhile because I crave attention, so I know who's following!

Take care,


*(PS- If you don't understand any of the acronyms/ terms that I've used anywhere on this blog, please check my glossary page for a definition.)


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