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'Nosso banheiro estas com problemas...' (Part 1)

Ok sooo, I promised a post about the bathroom lol...

Ermm what can I say- it's been eventful, lol =\

When I first moved in, Barbara* told me that there were a few problems with the apartment- the cooker doesn't work, & the shower water doesn't stay in the shower. I thought the cooker was ok, because it just needed a special type of adaptor to attach it to the apartment's pipework. Little did I know that it would actually require the handyman to come & change the entire innards of the thing =\ It's alright though, because while we wait for the fogão's** surgery, it's given me an excuse to explore Sorocaba's cafes & restaurants =]

As for the shower, weeeell... for some reason, they haven't built the step-up part of it high enough, so water tends to flood out of it. The solution was just to take really quick showers. So that's what I did the first time, & it was all good (we also keep a rubber wiper & floor towel handy, so any water that seeps out can be quickly mopped up).

The second time however, was a totally different story. I did the same thing as last time (a quick shower), but this time the water wasn't going down- it was spilling out of the drain! So I finished my shower early & got out so that I could wipe everything away. Well, that was the plan- until I heard Fran* scream, at least! Apparently all the water had flooded out of the bathroom too! It was a lot worse than I thought though, because I looked & the water had gone straight through the main corridor & to the stairs outside! This was the strange part though, because all the water had totally bypassed the bedroom & kitchen (which are on the way to the entrance/ exit). Here's a terribly drawn ASCII map of the apartment, to show you what I mean:

|                  BATHROOM                          
|                               |                               
|  BEDROOM #1   V                                   
|                               |                                      
|                               |                                            
|                               ----->--->----->                                          <GO HOME
|                                                        |                                        
|   BEDROOM #2                                                                   <WATER,
|                                                       |                                        
|                                                       |                                            <YOU'RE
|                                                       |                                        
|                                                      V                                            <DRUNK!
|              KITCHEN                        |                                        
|                                                       |                                        

|                                               EXIT ('SAIDA')**                  

So yeah, it looks like I've also learnt that Sorocaba water is too hipster to not have a mind of its own & blindy go along with the mainstream (ahaha 'mainSTREAM', see what I did there? Yeah don't worry, I wouldn't be friends with me either if I had the choice...)

Anyway, so cleaning up that mess was a lot of fun- especially since we had to tell security about it (they sit at the front of the apartment blocks 24/7), & I speak no Portuguese whatsoever.

So since the water was going down reaaaaaally slowly (not just in the shower, but in the toilet & sink too), I was told to to use the security block's bathroom in the meanwhile. Due to my irrational fear of having to talk in Portuguese the inconvenience of having to trek all the way out there, I held my urge to go to the bathroom for quite a while.

I think Barbara finally took pity on me though, since she wrote down the phrase I needed to say to use the security people's bathroom. It was 'Nosso banheiro estas com problemas, posso usar aqui por favor?' (Yes, it's the phrase in the title- here's a treat for your efforts, Fido well done!) This roughly translates to 'Our bathroom & our hipster water has problems, can I use yours (the bathroom here) please?'

Read the second part to see if I got sucked into the Brazilian sewer system (links are at the bottom of this post)...

Take care,

*The two girls I live with are Bárbara & Francesca- Bárbara is a native Brazilian (she's our host), & Fran is Italian (she's here for an internship, like me).
**A fogão is a cooker- hob & oven (On a slightly related note, I've set myself the target of learning at least one new word a day. I might come across more, but I want to learn the meaning & pronunciation of words so that I can use them in conversation- eeek just the thought of conversing in Portuguese makes me break out in a cold sweat, lol!)

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(PS- If you don't understand any of the acronyms/ terms that I've used anywhere on this blog, please check my glossary page for a definition.)

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