Sunday, 26 May 2013

'Nosso banheiro estas com problemas...' (Part 4)

This is the fourth (& final) post about my bathroom 'adventure' in Brazil, so read the other parts first if none of this makes any sense to you (links for the other parts are at the bottom of this post).

Sooo my temporary solution was pretty good, but then I tried to use the apartment toilet again- this time the water was going down even slower. Soooo Barbara just suggested we don't use it at all- inconvenient, but I guess it had to be done... I made sure to go to the bathroom when I was out & about (that was the day I went to my company's office for the induction session- to see what I would have to do to get money my job duties were).

The only problem is, when I got home, both the toilet and sink were now blocked up. Oh, & we also might have just forgot to tell Fran that we were having problems with the toilet in the first place...

...hence why she spent ages in there doing her 'business', and then proceeded to scream when it wasn't flushing. AT ALL.

Barbara went out to buy a plunger, & we proceeded to try & use times, is all I can say lol. It wasn't very effective though, since it looks like all the pipes are connected in some weird way- when we plunged the dirty sink, clean water comes out of the drain. When we plunged the clean drain though, dirty water came out of the shower...

We finally managed to unplug the toilets (yay, no more awkward bathroom trips in front of any footie fans which pretty much counts as the whole of Brazil) but I have no idea what's happening to our shower situation. Barbara & Fran said there's another EP (AIESEC intern like me) who lives across the road, so I had the feeling we'd be knocking on their door all smelly and dirty pretty soon...


The maintenance guy said he would be coming to unplug the bathroom. He also said that a week ago... (like I said, Brazilians don't really have a strong concept of time lol). He then said he'd come on Thursday afternoon- which sucks, because I needed to go to the bank. I guess it was kind of a good thing though, since I was already worried that nobody in the bank would speak English (or that the ATM would be in Portuguese).

Anyway, I was in the apartment all day- Fran arrived back around noon, & said she had to go at 5pm. 1pm went by, 2pm went by, 3pm, 4pm... I think you can see where this is going, lol. Bureaucracy here is pretty much like the UK- they give you a long length of time (like basically ALL DAY) of when they might arrive, & then they don't show up... he said the afternoon, but arrived at around 7pm... (at least he showed up, right)? Fetching him from security was a hassle though, since they decided to ring the apartment- & I have no idea what to say to them... So I had to ring up Fran, & she had to get me to repeat what she was saying, so that I could basically tell security 'sorry I don't speak Portuguese, wait till Fran gets back'. Haha xD

Aaaanyway, when he did arrive (with another guy), they spent quite a while unplugging everything. A bunch of hairs came out, alongside other things (which they disposed of neatly basically left all over the bloody bathroom!)- but guess what the real problem was?

I obviously didn't know this at the time, because it isn't exactly part of my Portuguese vocabulary right now (I didn't think it ever would be, lol), but Fran told me later...

...the whole reason we had problems with our bathroom, was because something was stuck in there.

That something was
a condom.

Aaaand I think that's my cue to stop writing about this whole debacle....

Take care,

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(PS- If you don't understand any of the teaching acronyms/ terms that I've used anywhere on this blog, please check my glossary page for a definition.)


  1. CELTAfied, you have the patience of a saint putting up with all this!

    1. Haha well I already lost a lot of energy fretting about my lost suitcase, so now I think I'm just ready to go with the flow of everything...


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