Thursday, 13 June 2013


My fogao (hob + oven = cooker? stove? I don't even know the word in English anymore, lol!) has been fixed (finally)! =D

(and it was just me who had to talk with the guy who came to fix it, without any help from Brazilian speakers- last time that happened (with the rather unfortunate bathroom incident), I spoke such little English that the last guy said he wouldn't come to fix anything here ever again unless a proper Portuguese speaker was present. But look at me now, all able to understand the guy telling me how to open & close the gas valve, how I should always shut it when I leave the house (for my safety), & understanding his smalltalk when he told me that he has 4 kids (2 from another marriage)- how's my Portuguese NOW, huh? =P Granted my boss came with the technician the first time around, to explain what the problem with the stove was, but I still figured all the rest of this stuff the second time around- so let me have my moment of falsified glory for a moment, please!)


  1. Well done CELTAfield! I am really happy for you hun! See, I knew you'd learn the lingo soon enough :).

    1. Aww thanks- yeah, I think it's a lot easier when you've already learnt French & Spanish before!


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