Monday, 3 June 2013

Summary Week #2, Quick Update (29th May- 9th June)

Yeah, as you can see I'm not very good at running a blog- what's happening here is remniscient of what I went through in my childhood. You see, this blog reminds me of the new Barbie dolls I got as a kid- I'd spend ages playing with them excitedly when I first got them, before accidentally ripping their heads off when trying to brush their mangled hair forgetting all about them, as I explored new things in life.

I guess that's a long-winded way of saying that I need to learn to be more concise with my explanations you can be reassured that I'm not dead just because I haven't been updating regularly- quite the opposite, in fact. I've been adapting to life in this new country, to the point where I forget to post here (or I haven't been able to, because I've been without internet for the past 4 days, out in the middle of the Brazilian countryside enjoying these new & foreign experiences).

Let me provide a brief summary again of what I've been up to (I know I know- I already promised to go into detail about a bunch of other stuff I already summarised from last week (like my first day at work), but I've realised I procrastinate too much I have to be realistic about deadlines.) It doesn't realistically look like I'm going to be able to update this blog fully until at least 15th June (yes, that's 2 weekends away). Let me explain why...

  • Wednesday: Salgados agaaaain arghh! & then my second work day (again rehashing question formation of the present perfect tense, but to 2 students only), followed by dinner at Hakka Sushi!
  • Thursday: It was a national holiday in Brazil, for 'Corpo Christo', so we headed off on a road trip far too early in the morning for my nocturnal patterns to a small town called Reginópolis.
  • Friday: This small town is where my flatmate's grandmother lives- there wasn't much to do, but it was nice to unplug for a bit (hence my lack of posts, or connection to the real world at all, for that matter)
  • Saturday: We had lunch with some of her family (we had a barbeque, on what can be best described as an indoor aga), visited a tomato farm, & ate at a small American style outdoor 'country' restaurant
  • Sunday: This was the day we had to leave, so we stocked up on good homemade cooking stopped by yet another house for lunch before hitting the road (yes, I was ready to hibernate very full by the end of this trip!)
  • Monday: Today I was supposed to go into work today (just the office, to plan my lessons), but I had to call in sick- I think I've contracted some sort of flu from the weekend (Barbara seems convinced it's swine flu, but I'm not so sure- ah well, should probably dig out the insurance policy, just in case lol)

As for the rest of the week, that really depends on how much better I end up feeling after today. I took the day off work & have been resting ever since (it's already past 6pm here), so I hope it'll clear up soon! Here are the plans (at the moment) for the rest of the week though):

  • Tuesday: Lesson planning at the office (will have to work extra hard, since I didn't go in today unless I can stop being ill long enough to do some planning at home today as well!)
  • Wednesday: First lesson this week, at a company outside of Sorocaba (so glad my boss drives me there!) It'll be on cross-cultural differences & present perfect Qs (third chance to use the same plan!)
  • Thursday: Not confirmed just yet (am still waiting for my schedule), but my boss says I may be giving one-to-one lessons in the AM (which I'm more scared about than teaching a class- lots of pressure)! And then I'll go with Fernanda to do boring admin (like registering with the police, getting an RNE (like a national insurance number, for foreigners working in Brazil), opening a Brazilian bank account etc (riveting, I know- but these everyday tasks are the hardest part about living abroad!)
  • Friday: Get ready for the LC Weekend! Barbara's organising it, so I guess I'll have to go with her earlier to sort everything out & set things up etc... never been on the organising side of an EPIC*!
  • Saturday: Sorry, so an EPIC is like a conference event hosted by the AIESEC LC** here in Sorocaba, to help introduce the trainees to each other etc- it should be fun!
  • Sunday: Last day of the LC Weekend (& then I'll have to help tidy up the place, which I'm guessing is going to take a while if it's a whole 2 day affair...!)

So yes, I've only just finished my second week here & I already have lots to do! Hence why I think I might stick to this sort of blog format (post maybe once or twice a week, giving a quick update for each day, & then maybe post more according to how much time I have). 

Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to blog about! I want to write soooo much more, but I don't have the time (nor do I know where to start). So getting some suggestions from you guys might help me to organise things into much more structured blog posts (or it could just be a ploy for me to procrastinate posting anything again).

Anyway, till next time- I'm off to take some more flu meds & sleep some more!

Take care,


*EPIC: Exchange Participant Introductory Conference (EPs are people like me, who go on exchange programs abroad through AIESEC- so this will introduce those of us doing our exchanges in Sorocaba!)
**LC: Local Committee (A word of warning- AIESEC like their abbreviations a lot, so I've actually added an AIESEC section to my glossary page- see the links at the top of this blog for more info!)

(PS- If you don't understand any of the acronyms/ terms that I've used anywhere on this blog, please check my glossary page for a definition.)


  1. Why do you have to register with the police?! CELTAFIED, you've only been in the country 2 weeks, what mischief could you possibly have gotten up to ;P?

    In all seriousness, I hope you feel better soon and so glad you're settling in now.

    1. Lol I have to register with the police to get my RNE, which is like a National Insurance/ Social Security number, but for foreign workers =P


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