Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Random #5

Since putting up content & photo heavy posts requires thought less procrastination, I'll post these random tidbits in between, to prove I'm still alive)

Random Post #5:

Brazilian microwaves are very powerful- less than 30 seconds will nuke anything inside to the point where you can't pick it up without burning yourself


I haven't forgotten about the blog, it's just been frustrating because I don't have a camera & so have been waiting for other people to upload their photos first in order to steal upload them here. But since that's not happening, I guess you all just have to rely on text posts until I return in less than a month!

Also, my schedule is kinda crazy since I travel at the weekends & my work hours are all over the place- today I left the house at 6.15am to get to a 7am class (which didn't happen because the students spent 40 minutes pretending to tinker with the Skype settings, when really they were just talking about their dogs), & now my next lesson isn't until 6.30pm- so I will be stuck in the office until 10pm...

And the worst thing is that, because the students missed the lesson in the morning, she wants to reschedule it for tomorrow- meaning I will finish at 10pm tonight (but probably reach home closer to 11), & then I will have to leave the house at 6.15am again tomorrow... 

Oh, the joys of having to work unsociable hours so that students can sit in the comfort of their homes on Skype with me...


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