Sunday, 10 November 2013

I'm still alive!

Ok soooo, apologies for updating this last at the end of August & then consequently falling off the face of the Earth  forgetting I even had a blog.... (I'm sorry, please don't eat me) ... aaaanyway, fun fact for you all; did you know that I have started approximately 4 blogs in my lifetime, & they have all died the same miserable death of neglect that this one did...? No? Well, now you do...

...So, to bring you all back up to speed: I'm still alive! And I'm no longer in Brazil! Yup, that's right- my contract was supposed to run until the end of August, but then I extended it for an extra month (till the end of September, for those of you who are too lazy to work it out). So my flight back from Brazil was on the 25th September- I reached England on the 26th, unpacked all my Brazilanese stuff on the 27th, packed again on the night of the 27th, & then moved back onto campus on the 28th. Needless to say, it's been all go since I got back (& here I was, thinking I'd be able to catch a break once I had stopped teaching full-time!)

It's not all doom & gloom though (except for the weather, of course; sort it out already, Britain!) Remember how I was complaining in my last post about having to be in the office till 10pm, just to conduct Skype lessons with my students (whilst they sit in the comfort of their homes)? Well, looks like my sacrifice finally paid off- my boss wants me to continue working for her whilst I'm in England (by giving Skype classes online)! And since I am now back on campus with my own room (instead of living in a house with 7 other people, 3 cats, a dog & a hamster which was great fun, don't get me wrong, but not exactly a 'quiet, professional setting' to hold Skype classes in!), I get to give those classes from the comfort of home!

It was a little hard at first, with the 4 hour time difference, but thanks to DST (Daylight Saving Time) Brazil is only 2 hours behind the UK now! That means that my days are free for studying, & my evenings are only occupied until 9pm (a few times a week)! Not to mention the fact that I already planned out all the resources when I was in Brazil (so now I just need to tell the secretary which handouts to pass onto the students each week)- yay for forward planning! hopefully this method of not procrastinating will also dominate my final year at university)

I have to say, I'm quite enjoying this method of working from home & teaching online- my boss is a self-confessed technophobe (the first time she used Skype was to interview me, haha!), so there were a few technical kinks to iron out, but other than that, it's been great! I was originally thinking of just doing this till the end of this year (since, after this term, I predict a riot the workload to increase exponentially) but maybe I'll consider giving a few hours of lessons here & there after December- who knows?

Anyway, apologies for the ramble- just wanted to let you all know that I'm safely back in the UK (I didn't get eaten up by onças, unfortunately) Come visit me (& distract me from the terror that is final year and my inevitably impending procrastination)! :D

(PS- So I won't be blogging about Brazil anymore, but maybe about my TEFL experiences in general- hope that's ok with y'all?)