Warning: I use a lot of acronyms in my posts! For those of you who didn't have the stressful pleasure of completing the CELTA (or just don't understand me), here's a small jargon buster to help you:

  • CELTA- the (Cambridge) Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults 
  • The 'Discovery' Approach- Linked to TTT (less of it = more STT)
  • EAL- English as an Additional Language (mainly used in UK schools)
  • EFL- English as a Foreign Language (how English children learn French, for example)
  • ELT- English Language Teaching (in general)
  • ESL- English as a Second Language (also as a modern foreign language)
  • ESOL- English for Speakers of Other Languages (referring to settlers from abroad)
  • STT- Student Talk Time, AKA how much of an input your Students have in a lesson
  • TEFL- Teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (mainly used in the USA)
  • TTT- Teacher Talk Time (something I am always trying to cut down on, by encouraging more STT!)

    (Edit: I've also realised that the organisation I work with (AIESEC) also like to use a lot of acronyms, so I've added a section here for that too- hope it helps!)

      • AIESEC- (it's originally a French acronym, meaning 'Association internationale des ├ętudiants en sciences ├ęconomiques et commerciales'- this translates into English as 'International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences') It was set up as a charity (after WWII), to bridge the cultural misunderstandings we have as a world- this is for 'peace & fulfilment of humankind's potential'
      • AIESEC (simplified)- This is all a long winded way of saying that AIESEC is a global student exchange organisation. Sure you get extra stuff out of it (like the business & language skills you learn), but this is the organisation in a nutshell. I say this because you won't find a simpler definition anywhere else, not even on the AIESEC website (believe me, I tried to do so before starting my exchange with them lol!)
      • EP- Exchange Participant- (this is what I am, someone who is taking part in an AIESEC exchange- I'm not an actual part of AIESEC (I'm not a team member, Vice President etc), just an EP on an adventure! ;)
      • EPIC- EP Introductory Conference- (it's a way for EPs to meet at an AIESEC-related event, to get to know one another- I did this in the UK (to meet other EPs from here), & in Brazil too (to meet EPs here)
      • HC- Host Committee- if it's your host committee, it means the place you're going for your exchange to (for me that's Sorocaba, which is in Brazil)
      • LC- Local Committee- this is where you're originally from (my LC is Aston, which is in the UK- because that's the university I go to!)
      • MC- Matching Committee- like the HC, it's where you've been 'matched' to (again, Sorocaba for me!)
      • 'Matching'- The process of you (the EP) finding a suitable TN, & then you applying for that TN etc...
      • 'Realized'- Once you've been assigned a certain TN (the company accepts you), you've been 'realized'
      • TN- Traineeship Number (I think??)- It's a code for each individual internship advertised on
      • OC- Organising Committee- this is context dependant (for example, the OC of my LC Weekend in Brazil was obviously AIESEC Sorocaba, but the OC of the EPIC I went to in the UK was AIESEC Newcastle)

      I hope this list is useful, but if there's still anything you're unsure about then please don't be afraid to just ask- I won't bite, I promise! :)

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